Ever been disappointed?
It’s proof you have the capacity to dream.
From devotions this morning:
“He Cares About You”
“When he tasted it, the water had become wine.” – John 2:9
“Anyone who is having troubles should pray” – James 5:13
“Have you taken your disappointments to God? You’ve shared them with your neighbor, your relatives, your friends. But have you taken them to God? James says, “Anyone who is having troubles should pray” (James 5:13).
Before you go anywhere else with your disappointments, go to God. Maybe you don’t want to trouble God with your hurts. After all, he’s got famines and pestilence and wars; he won’t care about my little struggles, you think.
Why don’t you let him decide that? He cared enough about a wedding to provide the wine. He cared enough about Peter’s tax payment to give him a coin. He cared enough about the woman at the well to give her answers. “He cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7).” – from the “Grace for the Moment devotional by Max Lucado.