Just read this quote as I compile my notes for tomorrow.
“Who is getting more pleasure from this rocking, the baby or me?” – Nancy Thayer
Mother’s Day reminds me of a prayerful battle through which Jaclyn and I persevered to see God be faithful in the birth of the miraculous Max.
We, Jaclyn and I, are really the ones benefitting from the opportunity we’ve had to be the parents of Les, Stephanie, Lee Anne, and Max.
It is, indeed, my pleasure, to be rockin’ our kids. ūüėČ
This day, though, reminds me, too, that Jaclyn knew I had three children and that she CHOSE them along with me.
That’s just godly, right there!
“Her children speak well of her.

Her husband also praises her,

saying, “There are many fine women,

but you are better than all of them.”” – Proverb 31:28-29