A brother once remarked that if one were to actually pray the “Lord’s Prayer” it might only take a moment.
When Jesus gave the “Lord’s Prayer,” as we call it, He was answering people who didn’t know how to pray at all.

The “Lord’s Prayer,” then, might be compared to baby food and may have come in one of those little bitty jars.
Having recently been a dad who was feeding his son from these little bitty jars, I had forgotten what baby food tasted like. Then I became curious that I couldn’t even remember having previously tried it.
I took a little bite and it all came back to me! God built our brains to block out some of those more traumatic experiences. It was disgusting!
There’s a reason you’re only suppose to eat baby food when you’re a baby!!
There’s also a reason you only pray short prayers when you’re a new believer.
Take it to the next level! Pray… …and fast.
If you need help starting a fast, just pick up one of those little bitty jars. 😉