1. At sslforfree.com, start the process of acquiring an SSL by entering the domain name and clicking “Create Free SSL Certificate”
    Click “Use Manual Verification (DNS)”
    Click the button “Manually Verify Domain”
  2. In a separate browser window, login to Godaddy.com
    Click my name
    Click My Products
    In the Domains section, to the right of “innovativegenesis.com” click DNS
    Update the TXT records with the information provided in the SSLforFree browser window.


    (TXT records will already be there. They just need to be updated.)
  3. Wait 10 minutes.
  4. Click the button “Download SSL Certificate”.
    (I created an account (lesmanthe@msn.com/Cer7ifica7e) to receive an email notice a week before the SSL expires but am not certain if I need to login for the cert process)
  5. In the GoDaddy browser window go to the Web Hosting section.
    Click Manage.
    Click cPanel Admin.
    In the Security section, click SSL/TLS
    Click Manage SSL Sites
    Copy the Certificate, Private Key, and CA Bundle data from the SSLforFree browser window and paste them into the corresponding fields in the Godaddy browser window.

    Click Install Certificate.