Just heard about the very unexpected passing of one of my Sunday School teachers. I say, unexpected because I saw him 7 months ago and he is not much older than me.

Was reminded of what one of my dear mothers said a little while ago.

She was standing at my shoulder as I installed a new app on her computer.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and said, “We’ve gotten it a little backwards, haven’t we?
We celebrate the birth of a child and mourn the loss of a loved one who has gone to be with the Lord.
Shouldn’t we mourn the born into this world and celebrate the passing into the next?”

I am certain she has experienced way more celebrations than I and it caused me to pause for a moment.

I am just still having a hard time getting that little word of encouragement to my heart.

Lifting up dear ones and their families who are coming through ‘Celebrations of Life’.

May they really be celebrations with God’s help and may the Holy Spirit very much be their comforter.

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