Ordered a new computer related accessory for someone in the office and it did not arrive on the day it was supposed to.

I wrote the company and they asked me to wait another few days for it to arrive but the shipping status never changed and on the new date, there was still no accessory. I wrote them “feedback” giving them a 3 star or “fair” review stating I was disappointed my item didn’t come in but that the company was courteous and prompt to respond to my inquiry.

That’s when they did what inspired this post.

“Hi, Im really sorry the post office lost this order. My feedback is important to me and if there’s anything I can do, please let me know. If you could please remove the feedback, I would greatly appreciate it. We always try our best, but sometimes delivery is out of our control.”

For you and I, if we’re honest with ourselves, feedback is important, too.

If there was anything we could do on our own, we would remove or change it, but we can’t.

Delivery, or better, deliverance, is also beyond us. We often try to ‘deliver’ ourselves out of situations, only to make them worse.

“He has taken our sins away from us as far as the east is from west.” – Psalm 103:12

God delivers on His promises.

Jesus delivers us from sin.

The Holy Spirit delivers us via the Word of God.

I removed my feedback.

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