Was called a ‘spoiled rotten little preacher boy’ a bit back by someone who does not know my story.
Kept sayin’ I must think I’m better than them, but in my heart of hearts I heard their arhythmic heart beat, and kept my hands and my words to myself.
My little sister Savannah, from Children of the Nations, asked us for a recommended, unique, song and this one really stood out to me. It’s one I was introduced to by Apollo, and one that epitomizes the grace in which I’m swimmin,’ no better than anyone else, just stained. 
“Felix Culpa” by King’s Kaleidoscope
Turn the lights on, look at what I have

See the twisted trophies of a dead man 

Countless stories, tell of sin and pain

But they sing the sweetness of my Savior’s grace
I’m a torn man, spirit fighting flesh

There’s a battle raging deep in my chest

But all that haunts me, all that leaves a stain

Only sings the sweetness of my Savior’s grace
A fortunate fall, my sins are stories of grace to recall

A fortunate fall, I glory in my sins forgiven
Jesus bought me, and now I am His

Dying with Him, in His death I now live

All my vices, to which I was chained

Only speak the sweetness of my Savior’s grace
And still I’m a wicked, wretched man, I do everything I hate

I am fighting to be god, I seethe and claw and thrash and shake

I have killed and stacked the dead, on a throne from which I reign
In the end I just want blood, and with His blood my hands are stained

See the God who reigns on high, He has opened His own veins

From His wounds a rushing torrent that can wash it all away

Grace upon grace, upon grace upon grace. “