“Everything that is hidden will be shown, and everything that is secret will be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in an inner room will be shouted from the housetops.” – Luke 12:2-3
A pastor once told us as youth that if we did not allow God to remove sin from our lives quietly, He would utilize other means because He loved us too much to let us be bound by our sins.
I remember struggling in an area, confessing it to a leader, and having that leader share it with his peers. 

One of his peers came to me and told me what the leader had done. In that moment this verse came back to me and I was more appreciative of the cure and rescue from that sin than I was about the embarassment and sense of betrayal I felt from the leader.
Though an awkward season, it made the ‘heart’ of this set of verses very real to me. 
Allow the Lord to remove your sins in private or, knowing He loves you and hates sin, you may find yourself in similar circumstances. 
Looking back, I wonder if I would have so drastically and completely dealt with that sin if not for that circumstance. 
Character and Integrity refer to who you are when no one is looking. Who would you be if those verses were true for you, today?