On the way home from church tonight:Me: Max, I love you.

Max: I love you to the moon, Daddy!

Me: I love you to the stars, Max!

Max: I love YOU to the stars, Daddy!
It was a little difficult to see the road there for a bit.

Mommy must’ve taught him that.

He’s amazing!
Tonight, about four feet from the tv, Max is sitting on the carpet eating a couple Oreos and watching Rescue Bots on Netflix. 

I’m sitting on the couch behind him a few feet dipping my own Oreos in a cup of coffee, watching with him. The stories are pretty good.
Max: Daddy, sit here, please.

He points to a spot just a few inches to his right.

I sit beside him cross-legged.

He leans his head on my side, his elbow on my thigh and says,

“Thank you, Daddy.”

It was just a little difficult to see the cartoon there for a bit.
By God’s grace, I am who I long for, and God is who I lean on.