One of my dear friends, Melvi, just posted that it is her 10th anniversary as a believer. Love it!
Though I do not remembe the day, right this moment, I am sitting in the sanctuary where I heard my first sermon 43 years ago.
I had asked Jesus into my heart on the steps of a school bus The House Modesto, then called Calvary Temple, had sent to outlying neighborhoods to bring children to church.
We still have those old foldup theater chairs in here, though certainly many times restained and reupolstered.
I can still see Pastor Joe Wright preaching, “The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman.” The scene in my heart is of God being a gentle Father, directing us, never forcing us. He would be the One I would run to when those in the world would not be so gentle.
I’m waiting for a computer to rebuild itself as I type this. I was just using my phone to research the message I’ll speak Sunday while it plays the latest ‘Jesus Culture’ an incredible worship band. Earlier, I was lifting up the leaders of a small group that meets in our home every Thursday.
My friend Melvi works for a ministry that affects the wholeness of over 5000 children on a daily basis.
How will those you tell about Jesus affect their own worlds for Jesus?
They will, you know, and they will love you, their lives, and the Lord you introduced them to forever. 
I can prove it.
Go tell someone.