“I was young, and now I am old, but I have never seen good people left helpless or their children begging for food.” – Psalm 37:25
I love this verse!!
It was in devotions this morning and instantly transported me to the rusty first step of an old school bus where a bus pastor prayed the believer’s prayer with me.
I was young and am now old(er). ūüėČ
Jaclyn, Pastor Constance Pack, and I are very blessed to be the pastors of a small congregation of believers a little older than us who are as vibrant in their faith, their worship, and attention to the Word as I was as that little boy asking Jesus into his heart.
Jaclyn and I also host a group of young people every Thursday night and I value those opportunities to encourage our next generation.
“The God you might just be getting to know will be faithful to love you, hold your hand, envelope you in an everlasting embrace, and never let you go…”
Even as I type this, the air grows just a little more electric, my eyes begin to glass with tears and His presence fills the room.
He is risen, indeed!
Thinking about tomorrow, you will never know the reality of the glorious Resurrection until you’ve experienced a gruesome death.
There may be dreams and desires you have thought are dead. Jaclyn and I prayed for Max for 14 years. There was even a point when it would have become impossible, when the dream would have died.
You know the rest of that story.
Happy Resurrection Day!!!