What if it’s not? 
Had an older gentleman suggest that the only way God could have initially populated the earth was through having Adam and Eve and their children do things they shouldn’t.
I asked him, “What if it’s not?”
Regarding a set of verses from today’s devotions, Deuteronomy 7:1-3, I remember a student assuming God’s reason for saying what he said was because He was ‘racist.
What if it’ s not? 
Ever heard the phrase, “A man with a hammer sees every challenge as a nail”? 

Perhaps making such an assumption reveals the limitations a person’s perspective.
It does not, however, limit God. 
What if God just created more Adams and more Eves?
Not everything God or men did is written in the Bible.
What if God knew there was something wrong with these people groups genetic code? Perhaps their sin choices had tainted their blood with a cancer or other disease that would kill the Israelites.
Have you ever heard of ‘Typhoid Mary?’ 
Look her up. In short, she ‘carried’ a disease that did not affect her but did sicken and kill others. 
My point? 
Might it be just as easy to assume God did the miraculous with a motive of love and protection?