It’s what did Judas in. 
Up until Palm Sunday, he was walking with the King of the New Kingdom.
Sure, he had heard Jesus say His Kingdom was not of this world. He’d heard Jesus say that He’d be beaten and crucified, but it didn’t click until the evening of Jesus ‘triumphant entry’ into Jerusalem when Jesus didn’t become the ‘King of the Jews’ Judas was expecting, that Judas lost hope. 
It is said to be the distance between our ‘ideal’ and reality.
We have all been Judas. 
We have all had an expectation go awry.
We have all wanted to give up on something or someone because things didn’t come out the way we expected in the time we expected.
We’re in good company. All of the disciples ran away when the Savior became a Sacrifice.
One never saw the Kingdom God had in store for him because he allowed his disappointment to consume him. 
Don’t settle.

Do pray. 

Do remain faithful.
What God has in store for you is the real ‘ideal.’ 

Anything less is counterfeit.