I’ve been stupid.
“Anyone who loves learning accepts correction, but a person who hates being corrected is stupid.” – Proverb 12:1
I can’t seem to help it sometimes. Still, in those times, I am so grateful for a God who loves me through it.
“The LORD corrects those he loves,

just as parents correct the child they delight in.” – Proverbs 3:12
“I correct and punish those whom I love. So be eager to do right, and change your hearts and lives.” – Revelation 3:19
I am eager. 
Doing it wrong means, at least, attempting it. Who cares if you look stupid when you know God will come to your rescue. 
I had a project at work where I thought I was helping and I ended up breaking a system and taking nearly two weeks to get it operational again.
I felt stupid and had to work out in front of everyone to get it fixed.
The Lord’s correction, aka love, made it worth it.
Our staff was also incredibly gracious. ūüėČ