Cancer cures pacivism

Verses from this morning’s reading in “Grace for the Moment” reminded me of a conversation with a young man at Starbucks.

He was a self proclaimed pacifist and saw me reading. He asked me what my phone was, what app I was using, and what I was reading. I told him it was the Note 5, Olivetree, and the book of Numbers in the Bible. I told him someone should make more movies about some of the epic battles of the Bible because they were so facinating.

That’s when he said he couldn’t be a Christian because of all the wars.

Jaclyn and I were coming through the announcement that my Mom had contracted cancer, so the first thing that came to my mind was to ask him how he might deal with cancer.

Apparently close to him, too, he stated he would do whatever it took to cure it.

I told him he was closer to being a Christian than he thought.

Christians are not meant to be pacifists. Negotiating with sin, justifying its existence, does not bring about righteousness and holiness anymore than suggesting that you attempt to negotiate with cancer, perhaps allowing the weaker little cells to stay or setting a portion of one of your lungs or kidneys for them to stay.

As you read that line you cringed.

God help us do the same with sin.