Okay, I like Facebook for how it keeps me connected to others, but I REALLY like how it brings up posts you submitted years ago!

3 years ago yesterday, but it came up this morning. I was a few minutes late to work because I lay in bed a little longer reading the posts and comments from when Max was born.

I was crying.

God did it!!!!

Max is here!

As I sipped coffee from the edge of my cup, Max ran across the living room to mount his little bicycle (with training wheels) and my eyes glistened again.

Family and friends, we will never forget our prayer times.

Cedar Park Church, we will never forget the prayer time in January for the infertile.

Texas, I will never forget the hope stirred there by an excruciatingly painful procedure and phenomenally funny Christian doctor. “Ooops!”

Facebook, thank you for the reminder!!

God! Thank you for everything!

“Go out into the river where the Ark of the Lord your God is. Each of you bring back one rock, one for each tribe of Israel, and carry it on your shoulder. They will be a sign among you. In the future your children will ask you, ‘What do these rocks mean?’ Tell them the water stopped flowing in the Jordan when the Ark of the Agreement with the Lord crossed the river. These rocks will always remind the Israelites of this.” – Joshua 4:5-7