“They came to Jesus and saw the man who used to have the many evil spirits, sitting, clothed, and in his right mind. And they were frightened.” – Mark 5:15

Had a dream last night of a dork in black robes and red trim with a black and red mask that reminded me of Nacho Libre.

He and a circle of others dressed like him broke from their circle to board a small twin prop plane. As they did so, he saw me and his face twisted into an ugly grimace.

Then a jovial little man walked by my house with three little children who leapt beneath my waving arm into our house and began trashing everything.

And lastly, I was in a third world country, assisting a missionary on a project when a young lady who smelled of sulfur asked me to follow her to help her little sister.

The orange dirt path led around, behind, and beneath the clay church in which we were working. Beneath the structure, tar smelling torches lit a dark path deep beneath what appeared to be an underground water supply, its source a faint roar in the distance. Just beyond the last torch, the young lady turned to me with a gold gleam in her eyes and attempted to touch me.

“Stop! In Jesus name!”

Soft, bronze, skin transformed into cold, hard, glossy clay, with a sheen that reflected the torch’s flickering flame. Fissures erupted like varicose veins over her surface and with a faint internal “click,” she shattered. Within the cloud a snake like shimmer of faded yellow light shot through the far wall of the subterranean river.

I awoke.

Your encounters with the enemy will affect more than just your enemy.