“Before I made you in your mother’s womb, I chose you. Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work.” – Jeremiah 1:5

“You made my whole being; you formed me in my mother’s body. I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well.” – 139:13-14

“God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing.” – Ephesians 2:10

“My favorite job ever was when I worked at Vintage Car Wash.”

Hundreds of people came through there every day.

It was like working in God’s ‘Louvre,’ the famous arm museum in France. Each individual was so uniquely the handiwork of God.

I was invisible there. I was just the attendant encouraging each of these very unique individuals to do what it took to make their cars look great.

It stirred in my heart the unction to pray for them as they came through, that God would make their very unique personality, lives be great.

I was nicknamed the ‘pastor’ of Vintage Car Wash by my peers. I’d use our breakroom to study for our high school and college bible study groups (I worked there for 12 years) and would use the time to pray with the employees and customers in their cars who needed it.

My favorite part was seeing those hundreds of very unique personalities and faces, reflections of their Artist, coming through each day.

I am still so very grateful for that unique opportunity.