I heard your voice as I awoke this morning. In that time between times I saw you sitting at the table quaking in tears.

He’s gone and you want to be, too, but a whisper in your heart warns it would be forever.

Today, alive, in his current state, he is far from God because you lied to him. You know it.

In Luke 16:19-31 Jesus said, …

Go read it. He is the rich man, thinking his possessions here are enough, his life with you convince him he is dressed in his finest clothes.

You are the poor man, poor in the spirit, covered with sores.

Because you lied to him, he hates those who would have told him the truth.

When he dies he’ll know and he’ll know it was you. He’ll also know there is no one to tell his son.

“… they will not listen to someone who comes back from the dead.”

I’m awake. I pray for you. I love you.

You have less time than you think and he, even less.

Eternity is forever. Forever together or apart. You will see each other across the gap, unless…

“What you say can mean life or death. Those who speak with care will be rewarded.” – Proverb 18:21