“There is no tomorrow!” Apollo Creed yells at the mentally, emotionally, and spiritually defeated Rocky Balboa.

Working on my second, or maybe it’s my third wind of the night, something about that Rocky movie comes to mind and I pull out the vcr tape (jk) the dvd of “Rocky III” and choose ‘Scene Select’ so I can jump ahead to that scene.

This is the lowest point in the movie for me. Rocky finds out he’s been fighting lesser fighters in his old trainer’s attempts at just keeping him alive. Rocky’s lost his confidence in his training, in his trainer, in everything.

Don’t you wish you could regain it in the 1 and a half to two hours of a movie?!

My favorite part, though, is the symbolism of the old trainer/ing being dead. Rocky has a new trainer and training and He isn’t here to just help him ‘survive,’ he’s here to help him WIN!

That’s God for you and me.

None of the training is ‘like it use to be.’ ‘Use to be’ didn’t work, right? Why would you want it to be like ‘use to be?’

There is no tomorrow.

How will we glorify God, today, just today?

Did three sets of twenty situps and pushups tonight. First time I’ ve worked since I’ve been here. First time I’ve worked out in a few years and even then it was only a bicycle at the “Y.”

Jaclyn inspires me. She’s been doing pilates and “feeling it,” she says.

During this fast and prayer time, I’ve been a little hit and miss, I’m embarassed to say. Been a little muligrubby here and there as God moves pieces on the chess board of my life that have me scratching my head.

I know I’ve added a few pieces and moves to the board that seem to be mucking it up and am asking God to help me get it sorted.

Just a bit ago, as I thought that line, found the dvd, and began typing this, there was a deep sigh in my spirit as if it had just finished pushing open a very heavy, rusty door.

Come to think of it, the whole day has seemed that way. It’s like something in there has finally been released but has not quite made it to my comprehension.

For now, back to my movie.

My favorite scene?

“Remember what he did to you last time.” is a reminder to each of us to remember what the enemy has done to bring us down in the past, to get past the pain, to accept the new Trainer and training, to determine to do more than just survive and to get the ‘Eye of the Tiger.’