I was drawing a blank!

Perhaps it was the holidays.

Maybe it was the challenges we seem to be having within our family.

Whatever the case, devotions, from which I tend to draw my messages for Sunday afternoons at the Stratford house, were looking unclear, foggy, with no discernable thought or message in sight. In my prayer times, there seemed to be silence, except for the faint chirping of a distant cricket.

When I use to drive to Lodi to work a contract job years ago for one of my bosses, I wrote software for ATM machines.

One time, I woke up early, with what seemed the entire rewrite of a program just dropped in my head. I’d written it in my sleep and continued to write it on the way to work, a process, by the way, resulting in my realization I was on the outskirts of Sacramento before I noticed I had missed my exit.

Arriving at my office an hour late, I sat in front of my computer and spent hours typing my notes into the new unit attached to my computer.

It worked!!

I knew it would, mostly. It had already worked in my dream.

Anyway, that was this morning, with only a couple days to spare. The direction, outline, and verses were just, there.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19

He is faithful.

Trust Him.