Psalms 119:169-176

“Hear my cry to you, LORD.
Let your word help me understand.
Listen to my prayer; save me as you promised.
Let me speak your praise,
because you have taught me your demands.
Let me sing about your promises, because all your commands are fair.
Give me your helping hand, because I have chosen your commands.
I want you to save me, LORD.
I love your teachings.
Let me live so I can praise you, and let your laws help me.
I have wandered like a lost sheep.
Look for your servant, because I have not forgotten your commands.”

Concluded my favorite Psalm in devotions today. Kinda bummed.

Among it’s unique qualities are that its verses are based in the Hebrew alphabet. Each set of eight verses begins with a consecutive letter.

Today’s were the last set of eight based on the last letter of their alphabet.

This phrase sums them all up, “I love your teachings.”