“Faith is the reason we remember great people who lived in the past.” – Hebrews 11:2

Had a 35 year old gentleman hug me at The Crest, Friday. He introduced me to his 15 year old son whom he had brought with him.

I knew who he was instantly.

He asked if I remembered that I was his camp counselor there at Jeness Park when he was 15.

I told him I did. We both reminisced about how he’d gotten baptised in the Holy Spirit one night and how we had all stayed up giving testimonies until 2 and 3am most nights.

He was there, serving God, and introducing his 15 year old son to The Crest.

Great men of God stirred up my relationship with God at Jeness Park. I remember.

2 Timothy 2:2!

God is affecting another generation there, Toby!! Looking forward to the Crest 2016! ‪#‎2hoursofworship‬