Been sharing a series of messages about Moses and God and how God will go right to the edge of extreme to bless those who love Him. My personal favorite is His placing Moses in the cleft of a rock, covering Moses with His hand and passing by, just so Moses could see His glory.

Here, it’s Simeon, ‘a good man and godly’ who ‘had been told by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he saw the Christ promised by the Lord.’

So, I wondered, as a youth and even today, as I prepare for tomorrow, how old was Simeon when he held Jesus in his arms and thanked God for Him.’

“Now, Lord, you can let me, your servant, die in peace as you said.”

Among my favorite bosses ever, Chris Clark, is a leader who occasionally likes to clean his own windows. I asked him about this once while I was assisting him with a computer challenge. I will never forget what he said.

“Cleaning the window is an opportunity to start something and to see it finished.”

Some things in life don’t let us do that. Some things take a very long time to finish and sometimes, along the way, we become discouraged, distracted, disgruntled, and dissatisfied (Whoa! that’s a lot of dis’s!!) but because it is the Holy Spirit who called us, we remain faithful, undaunted, tenacious, steady, and faithful, no matter how long it takes.

How old was Simeon?

How long have you prayed, believed, and worked toward something, looking for the day it is done, completed, and accomplished?

There is nothing like that deep, satisfied sigh of accomplishment.

Pastor Michael used to ask the guys, “When do you stop looking for your keys?” We’d respond, “When you’ve found them!”

If you’re like me, you have loved ones who do not know the Lord yet, and some of them are the kind that you’re convinced it will totally take the Lord extending your life for you to see them saved (I have a few of those, too!)

Don’t give up, don’t give in to the dis’s this holiday season. One day, you too, will hold the answer in your arms like Simeon.