I met an older gentleman who was stationed in Japan many years ago. He and a number of men had contracted meningitis and of those who had gotten it, he was the only one who survived.

Lloyd said, as he lay in that hospital bed, that God, whom he didn’t know yet, spoke to him, and he looked at me to make sure I understood him, and of course, I did, and gave him a look of assurance.

“Lloyd, you are going to live.”

“I didn’t know the Lord, yet, and I certainly didn’t know he would speak to me, but as I lay there in that bed, as clear as day, He spoke to me.”

Others had begun to line up behind him as we finished service that morning and I prayed for him, reminding him to live.

That is what the Lord put on my heart for him and maybe for you, too.



Until you die, live!

Really live!

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