Ever have to clarify your statement or your own understanding?

“I wrote you in my earlier letter not to associate with those who sin sexually. But I did not mean you should not associate with those of this world who sin sexually, or with the greedy, or robbers, or those who worship idols. To get away from them you would have to leave this world.

I am writing to tell you that you must not associate with those who call themselves believers in Christ but who sin sexually, or are greedy, or worship idols, or abuse others with words, or get drunk, or cheat people. Do not even eat with people like that.

– It is not my business to judge those who are not part of the church. God will judge them.

But you MUST JUDGE the people who are part of the church. The Scripture says, “You must get rid of the evil person among you.”” – 1 Corinthians 5:9-12

There is a balance to be had, here.

“If your fellow believer sins against you, go and tell him in private what he did wrong. If he listens to you, you have helped that person to be your brother or sister again.

But if he refuses to listen, go to him again and take one or two other people with you. ‘Every case may be proved by two or three witnesses.’

If he refuses to listen to them, tell the church. If he refuses to listen to the church, then treat him like a person who does not believe in God or like a tax collector.” – Matthew 18:15-17

(That coming from the One who has a redeemed tax collector on His team. ūüėČ )

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