Today would have been the 78th birthday of a man of God who passed away when he was 48. My memory of him is brief but it is eternal.

Please, don’t let the enemy steal your joy at just BEING.

This man of God was not my dad, not my pastor, not my teacher, not my whatever title of significance one might attribute to someone.

He was just (as if that is only just so) a man of God.

As I was dropping off Emmett this morning to school, he asked me why I was crying. (My eyes might have been watering a bit)
I told him about this man of God who had a very contagious laugh though he was coming through challenges one wouldn’t laugh through.

He is an eternal to me, though, because he let me sit with him in church, messed up my hair, hugged me, and prayed with me at a time I was coming through my own stuff.

Every time I saw him, wherever I saw him, he was smiling, praising God, and laughing his way through it.

At that time of my life, I determined to BE like him.

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