Do you suppose Jesus gave up a life He thought was mundane?

Maybe it was a life He hated that He surrendered to the Cross?

What kind of life do you think He really gave up for us?

Why, then, do we give Him our own lives in that condition?

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. ‘ The second command is this:’ Love your neighbor as you love yourself. ‘ There are no commands more important than these.” – Mark 12:30-31

“…as you love yourself.”

It’s there, in your Bible, too.

“Who are you?” I would ask Les, Stephanie, and Lee, when they were children.

I taught them to respond, “A child of God!”

Quoting a few lines from an old favorite movie, “Kate and Leopold”:

Kate: “I wasted the best years of my life on you.”

Stuart: “Those were your best years?”

Who are you?

Do you love yourself and your life?

It’s when you do, and then give THAT away, you’ve really loved someone.

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