Playing with the new iPadOS, this morning reminded me of this quote:

“No one could seriously contend that the computer somehow “evolved” through the forces of natural selection. Someone made it and someone programmed it.

Now let’s assume that this is not the case with a certain type of software. Let’s assume that this software operates in a kind of “open source” mode. It accepts random changes and somehow the most useful and adaptive programs survive.

Let’s posit that the process here is evolutionary; it is guided by no one. My question is the following: would the fact of evolution in the case of the software in any way undermine the fact of design in the case of the computer?

Obviously not. The software may evolve but someone still had to make the computer and install in it the original programming.”“What’s So Great About Christianity?” by Dinesh D’Souza

Speaking my language…

Another example of REAL Christianity, REAL science, and REAL evolution.

They do not conflict with each other. They compliment each other.

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