I love oatmeal!

It’s just a plain jane cereal, but I mix it with strawberries and bananas, and occasionally share it with Emmet.

He loves it, too.

Putting away our breakfast items, I look down to see Em has retrieved his cup and that it has very little milk left in it.

He tells me he would like some more. I open the fridge, take a nearly full gallon of milk in one hand and turn to him holding out my other hand for him to give me his cup.

He’s just like us.

He pulls away a bit and clenches his cup just a little tighter, effectively squeezing it out of the bottom of his little hands and it falls to the floor, spinning away. He retrieves it, hesitates to give it to me, but eventually allows me to have it and refill it from the gallon.

We do the same with our hopes, our dreams, and our money, don’t we?

They all go spinning away from us because we attempt to hold onto them too tightly.

We hesitate to give them to God even though He’s made it very clear He has an abundant supply of them in store for us.

As I fill up his cup, he reaches up with both hands much like I do when I’m praying to, praising, and worshipping my heavenly Dad, my Provider.”

These days, Em hands it to me and trusts me to give him more.

Do we do the same with God?

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