I was recently asked about “The Miracle in Modesto”.

I remember 30 days of praying for it, 3 days of fasting food and water, 4 days of water, 17 days of Dole juices, experiencing my first hunger pain in weeks, and finishing out the 30 days on veggies.

I wondered if God and I could ever again experience such an intimate time together!

I was one of many who were challenged to believe we could affect our city through prayer and fasting.

It became the “Miracle in Modesto,” where 28 performances before 81,000 people, 30,000 of whom committed their lives to Christ, took place at then, Calvary Temple Worship Center, (Now, The (amazing) House Modesto) just a mile or so down the road from my apartment at Coffee and Rumble.

God answered our prayers so far above and beyond our expectations.

I helped read, pray for, and direct dedication cards to 40-50 other churches in the area as thousands of them came through our doors each day.

I remember from a conversation years ago, one observer asked, “So where are they all, now? Your church is only in the thousands, not 10s of thousands.

Totally by a little tug of the Holy Spirit, I was reminded of the 10 lepers Jesus, himself, healed. Only one returned to extravagantly say, “Thank you.”

Jesus also asked, “Where are the other nine?”

“You can get the horses ready for battle,
but it is the LORD who gives the victory.” – Proverbs 21:31

I wonder, are our horses ready?

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