Someone said a bit ago that having a child when you’re older keeps you younger.

I think my favorite part is being facinated with what facinates them.

True when we live for others, as well.

“We who are strong in faith should help the weak with their weaknesses, and not please only ourselves.

Let each of us please our neighbors for their good, to help them be stronger in faith.

Even Christ did not live to please himself.

It was as the Scriptures said: “When people insult you, it hurts me.”

Everything that was written in the past was written to teach us. The Scriptures give us patience and encouragement so that we can have hope.

May the patience and encouragement that come from God allow you to live in harmony with each other the way Christ Jesus wants.” – Romans 15:1-5

I only experience so much when I attempt my own satisfaction.

The world is suspended within a tear on the cheek.

I am fascinated.

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