I had to make similar decisions when I was younger.

You are in the perfect place in life to choose.

Being debt free, especially to anything that charges interest, is like the woman with the issue of blood finally being healed of this annoying trickle of your finances  that you can’t seem to stave yourself. Get there. Touch the Lord with your finances.

Being in a place, also, to choose your own environment, is precious. Get there. Stay there.

You are eternal, first.

Find a place (which can be anywhere) you can read the Word, pray, fellowship with those who challenge your walk, and serve in an eternal capacity.

I NEEDED this opportunity to serve, to help set this church up for Easter. It fed a spiritual need in me to know the contribution to setup was an opportunity to see souls saved, to give my spirit away to an eternal purpose.

There is like this well within me rising with each completed task, of hearing in my spirit the Father’s voice, the Master’s voice, say, “Well done.” We are spirit. Our spirit aches within us to make an eternal difference.

Find a place, anywhere, this weekend to make that difference.

“Good” Friday?

Give God a reason to say, “Well done, my ‘good’ and faithful servant.”

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