“What if a million people jump off the cliff, you gonna follow them?!” – my Dad, many times.

“We all have wandered away like sheep; each of us has gone his own way.” -Isaiah 53:6

“Adam and Eve turned their heads toward the hiss of the snake and for the first time ignored God.
Eve did not ask, “God, what do you want?”
Adam didn’t suggest, “Let’s consult the Creator.”
They acted as if they had no heavenly Father.
His will was ignored, and sin, with death on its coattails, entered the world.
Sin sees the world with no God in it.
Where we might think of sin as slip-ups or missteps, God views sin as a godless attitude that leads to godless actions.” – Max Lucado in “Come Thirsty”

What is God’s Word telling you?

You really gonna keep reading and following the writings of a guy just because he has a million followers?

I think that’s why there’s a highway to hell and a narrow path to heaven.

“Enter through the narrow gate. The gate is wide and the road is wide that leads to hell, and many people enter through that gate.
But the gate is small and the road is narrow that leads to true life. Only a few people find that road.” – Matthew 7:13-14

My dad would call me a lemming if I followed others just to follow.

Lemmings were thought to follow each other en masse over a cliff during migration.

They don’t and you shouldn’t either.

Know the Word for yourself.

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