That’s how it is.

“When one of my daughters was young, she spilled red nail polish on our brand new white couch. We found out later.. after she had tried to hide it for awhile out of fear.

Morgan asked, “Do you still love me?”

My wife knelt down beside her on the floor, and she whispered to our daughter, “Morgan, you could never make a big enough stain to keep me from loving you.”

I wish I could tell you that somehow we were able to get the stain out and make the couch white again, but that stain is still there.

It will always be there.

A funny thing happened, though.

Morgan started telling the story of the stained white couch. She likes to show people the stain and tell them what happened.


Because a stain that once represented shame and guilt and fear and rejection, now represents love, grace, and acceptance.” – Kyle Idleman in “Not a Fan”

That’s how it is.

We all have our share of stained couches.

We’ve all made really big mistakes that cannot be undone.

Where the enemy tries to crush us in shame, guilt, fear, and rejection; Jesus envelopes us in love, grace, and acceptance.

It’s the enemy that’s keeping you there, not us.

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