“Alexander the metalworker did many harmful things against me.

The Lord will punish him for what he did. You also should be careful that he does not hurt you, because he fought strongly against our teaching.

The first time I defended myself, no one helped me; everyone left me.

May they be forgiven.

But the Lord stayed with me and gave me strength so I could fully tell the Good News to all those who are not Jews.
So I was saved from the lion’s mouth.

The Lord will save me when anyone tries to hurt me, and he will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom.
Glory forever and ever be the Lord’s. Amen.” – 2 Timothy 4:14-18

You will come through it, too.

Not all lions are men of God.

Please do not let them taint your view of God or of being a lion.

There is a lion seeking whom he may devour.

There is the Lion of Judah.

Discern the difference.

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