It’s Father’s Day and it’s been three since my Dad passed away.

I wrote this back in November when he passed:

“I feel like I had just gotten him back again a few years ago and now he’s gone again.
In the movie, “Courageous”, the pastor tells the guy who’s experienced the loss of a dearly loved one, “And the hard choice for you is whether you’re gonna be angry for the time you didn’t have with her or grateful for the time that you did have.”

I am truly so incredibly grateful for the time we DID have!!

My Dad, who was in his 70s at the time, called me up, asked me what my son and I did for fun together, bought an Xbox, bought the games we played, and played with my son and I and other dear friends into the wee hours of the mornings very often.

When it was just he and I, I would turn my volume off (which, I did anyway because of the cussing), so it was just his voice I heard.

It was the closest he and I got to ‘throwing the ball’ to each other wherein we talked about life, our pasts, our dreams, and our children and grand children.

I am especially grateful to Reta who loved him and remained steady and faithful to him all of these years he was so cantankerous. 😉

Thank you, again, God. You have been so faithful.”

God gave me those 5 years with him and I so appreciate the memories we shared.

Father’s Day will never be quite the same but it is still amazing for the memories!

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