You are with me everywhere I go.

Joshua, be strong and brave!

You must lead these people so they can take the land that I promised their fathers I would give them.

Be strong and brave.

Be sure to obey all the teachings my servant Moses gave you. If you follow them exactly, you will be successful in everything you do.

Always remember what is written in the Book of the Teachings. Study it day and night to be sure to obey everything that is written there. If you do this, you will be wise and successful in everything.

Remember that I commanded you to be strong and brave.

Don’t be afraid, because the LORD your God will be with you everywhere you go. -Joshua 1:6-9

I wonder if Joshua might have been as insecure as some of us.

I have my moments where God needs to remind me to be strong and brave.

God will be with you everywhere you go.


be strong and brave.

Count how many times God reminds him in just those verses!

We’re in good company.

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