So, was helping a friend with a challenge and realized I had one of my own.

There are times when I still catch myself attempting to listen for God’s voice on a frequency on which he has told me He is no longer speaking.

Like the manna for the Israelites, some instructions are only for a day.

When I attempt to employ the same method He told me to use for a previous challenge, I’m in disobedience, I’m in sin, like Moses when he struck the rock the second time. Sure, he got water, but he gave up a moment with God.

I get angry and frustrated with God when I stand there, insisting on wriggling the handle of a now locked door, insisting God’s not directing me and not talking to me.

Then, as I take a moment to be still, I see that all I really need to do is reach in the direction of His voice and see the door he has already opened for me.

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