“The number of people with ‘religious’ beliefs continues to rise while the number of those claiming to be athiests is on the decline.

One possible reason:

A secularistic by-product justifies the promiscuity of a societal shift that cannot reproduce itself.”
The enemy has a sly whisper, “satisfy yourself.” it says as your numbers dwindle.” – “What’s So Great about Christianity” by Dinesh D’Souza

One thing I’ve recently read in the book was the comparison of the teachers of secularism and those of Christianity.

Would you rather be the product of a premordial booger flicked out into the universe by the first amoeba that eventually graduated to flinging your dung while hanging from a tree branch OR the predesigned, orchestrated, loved, died for, child of the Creator of the universe?

I confess the later causes me to tingle just a bit and the former, well, that’s just stupid.

Science is like a yardstick. You use it to measure only certain things.

A thermometer utilizes a measure to see the effects of ‘temperature’ on a vial of mercury or other liquid.

It doesn’t actually measure the temperature.

Can you see the wind?

Can you measure the reason I just reached over and caressed my wife’s arm or looked back at my sleeping son with eyes that began to glisten as I contemplated his advent into our lives?

Because you can’t, are they no more real?

I can’t see your brain… 😉

Go read this book. So enlightening! The real fun part about having access to a computer is going online and checking his sources for yourself.

Just because you can’t hear a song clearly doesn’t mean the song’s not clear.

It means you might just need to tune your receiver.

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