“In response, we point out that Scripture never says to test prophecies by an inner witness.
The claim that prophecies can be tested by physical sensations that occur in the lower chest area is remarkably similar to the Mormon claim that God confirms the truth of the Mormon faith by giving people a burning sensation in their bosoms.
In both examples, revelation is confirmed apart from any rational thought processes.” – “A New Apostolic Reformation?”

I am more and more convinced this NAR(New Apostolic Reformation) nonsense is just another repackaged attempt at Mormonism a. k. a. The Latter Day Saints.

Please read your Bibles.

This is some creepy stuff.

If this goes on as I expect then we’ll be hearing how every man becomes the god of his own planet and all the women become eternally pregnant populating his planet like the mormons believe.

Guard your heart.

Stick to the Truth.

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