“Think about the many people you have taught and the weak hands you have made strong. Your words have comforted those who fell, and you have strengthened those who could not stand.

But now trouble comes to you, and you are discouraged; trouble hits you, and you are terrified. You should have confidence because you respect God; you should have hope because you are innocent. “Remember that the innocent will not die; honest people will never be destroyed.

I have noticed that people who plow evil and plant trouble, harvest it. God’s breath destroys them, and a blast of his anger kills them. Lions may roar and growl, but when the teeth of a strong lion are broken, that lion dies of hunger. The cubs of the mother lion are scattered.” – Job 4:3-11

Job’s friend spoke this. Influenced by their relationship and Job’s incredible walk, he reminds Job of God’s faithfulness and strength.

My favorite part?

No matter how strong my enemy or how loud they roar and growl, their teeth, their efforts to destroy us, will be broken, and their motivation starved. Even future strategies the enemy has against us will be scattered.

Even in the midst of it, be encouraged.

Encouragement will often come from those in whom we have invested.

I can prove it.

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