Jesus said:

“When an evil spirit comes out of a person, it travels through dry places, looking for a place to rest. But when it finds no place, it says, ‘I will go back to the house I left.’ And when it comes back, it finds that house swept clean and made neat. Then the evil spirit goes out and brings seven other spirits more evil than it is, and they go in and live there. So the person has even more trouble than before. It is the same way with the evil people who live today.” – Matthew 12:43-45

It’s not enough to overcome a challenge or to kick a devil out.

You have to fill up again.

You really do have a spirit and it is hungry for spiritual nourishment.

The second commandment is “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” – Matthew 22:37

Love yourself so you can love others genuinely.

Spend time with God, allowing Him to fill your heart.

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