Please sip these verses slowly.

“Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has this been happening?”

The father answered, “Since he was very young. The spirit often throws him into a fire or into water to kill him. If you can do anything for him, please have pity on us and help us.”

Jesus said to the father, “You said, ‘If you can!’ All things are possible for the one who believes.”

Immediately the father cried out, “I do believe! Help me to believe more!”

When Jesus saw that a crowd was quickly gathering, he ordered the evil spirit, saying, “You spirit that makes people unable to hear or speak, I command you to come out of this boy and never enter him again!”

The evil spirit screamed and caused the boy to fall on the ground again.

Then the spirit came out.

The boy looked as if he were dead, and many people said, “He is dead!”

But Jesus took hold of the boy’s hand and helped him to stand up.”– Mark 9:21-27

To whom this applies:

You pray.
You believe.
Allow the Lord to set them free.
Allow the Lord to help them to stand up.

God’s got this.

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