“I was alive before I knew the law. But when the law’s command came to me, then sin began to live, and I died. The command was meant to bring life, but for me it brought death. Sin found a way to fool me by using the command to make me die.” – Romans 7:9-10

Ever do something out of pure inspiration and devotion to the one you love?

I love the smell of coffee. I hate the taste. I didn’t start drinking it until I was 42 when a doctor recommended it might slow me down a little.

Jaclyn loves coffee so I determined I would acquire a taste for it to share that experience with her. (Yes, coffee is an experience, not just a drink.)

If a doctor wrote me a prescription, a law, for drinking a cup of coffee each day, I might be inclined to ‘forget’ to drink it. I might be inclined to look for close alternatives, like Dew, for example, and only drink coffee when it seemed my last resort.

If we perceive the law to be a love letter, we pursue it.

When we perceive the same law to be a prescription, we reject it.

“the command was meant to bring life.”

“sin found a way to fool me.”

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