Saw this picture and was reminded of a verse from Acts 9:5 (KJV) about “kicking against the pricks”.

It’s about attempting to ‘push’ against God’s will for my life instead of pulling open the door to the direction He has in store for us.

There are times I feel God’s not listening to me or not answering my prayers when I don’t get the answer for which I’m praying.

Sometimes the answer is “Pull” instead of “Push”, meaning, He answered and I just didn’t like His answer.

Still, I continue to push against a door He means for me to pull.

The result, of course, is frustration, especially when I stubbornly refuse to believe that what He has in store for me will be so much more satisfying than what I think I want.

There was only one tree in Eden from which they COULDN’T eat.

There were thousands from which they COULD.

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