Went shopping. Someone smelled of overnight alcohol somewhere close to me.

I can tell you it was Coors, not because I ever drank it but because I would clean up the cans in the mornings, likely still bruised and hurting from whatever creative punishment we had received because we were in the way the night before.

The smell still raises the hair on my neck but I have been healed of so much.

It use to make me very angry. In my youth, I made bad choices in that anger, choices I won’t glorify here.

God healed so much because I kept surrendering it to Him each and every time I was tempted to be angry and/or bitter.

I LOVE today, how, when I meet a new friend, that their first assumption is that I have been a Christian all of my life and must have come from a Christian family.
It shows that God has done such an amazing healing!

In that healing, I can hope the individual that I smelled will become a believer and surrender to the life God has in store for them. That individual and I still have many places in which we need Jesus to heal us.

I can pray.

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