I have a wayward few in my life.

In my experience, we all do at some point or another.

In my youth, I would try everything to bring them back into my life and eventually figured out I was only chasing them further away.

It was a phrase similar to this one that reminded me that the ones I truly love are those I will let go the furthest.

If you love something set it free,
if it returns it was meant to be,
if it continues to fly let it soar,
and have faith that God has something better in store.

God, my dearest and greatest love, gave His one and only Son for me. There is no giving someone further than that.

Giving one away to their choices is really not as much giving them away as it is allowing your own heart to be one that reaches and does not grasp.

Trust the Lord to fill the empty place they left behind with something or someone greater.

Maybe, just maybe, it will be the one who flew who finally sees they were greater with you.

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