“How terrible it will be for those who try to hide things from the LORD and who do their work in darkness. They think no one will see them or know what they do.
You are confused. You think the clay is equal to the potter. You think that an object can tell the one who made it, “You didn’t make me.” This is like a pot telling its maker, “You don’t know anything.”” – Isaiah 29:15-16

Allow the Lord to correct you, direct you while it is still just you and Him.

Don’t harden your heart so much that you think you can hide it from Him.

You can’t.

He loves you too much to leave you that way and will do what it takes to separate you from your sin.

Sin separates you from Him and Him from you.

He hates the sin but loves you and will do what it takes to be reconciled to you.

I can prove it.


Don’t keep ‘pet’ sins.

Keep pets.

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