At one point my Dad and I were in the backyard and he wanted to try to take the old blades off of his riding lawn mower.

He slowly bent his way down then laid on the concrete, looked and reached beneath the mower and asked me to get him a 5/8ths open ended wrench out of the third drawer of the second cabinet.

Then he asked me if I’d help with the blade on the other side. Laying on the concrete, reaching beneath it from both sides we passed that 5/8ths wrench back and forth to change out the blades.

At one point I felt a little nudge in my spirit and then it was as if the Holy Spirit said, “I saved this moment for you.”

Time stopped, dust particles froze in golden beams of sunlight passing through dark green needles of the pine tree above me, and the pungent odor of stale clumps of old grass that had fallen from beneath the mower’s shroud were indelibly written in the tissues of my heart.

It felt as if the moment was caught in an unshaken snow globe.

By the time we were done with all the little stuff we did, repairing and adjusting sprinkler heads, fixing a fence board, chopping and cleaning up a pile of willow tree branches, and removing weeds from the sidewalk and porch, he preceded me into the house and told Reta and Jaclyn that we got done in an afternoon what would’ve taken him 6 months to do alone.

It was a good day.

It was not very long after that he passed.

An immortal God cares for us in our mortal moments.

I am forever grateful He gave me this one.

God knew what I did not.

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